Wednesday, 23 November 2011

£280 on energy bills

The Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has revealed that the cost of policies to deal with climate change will add £280 to household energy bills by 2020.

The policies, including support for renewable energy, will add 27% to the price of electricity.

However, he said that energy efficiency measures, such as home insulation, would cut bills by more than that. So the overall effect would be a £94 reduction in bills, a drop of 7%.

The figures ignore any increase in the underlying price of gas and electricity, which will add significantly more to the cost of heat and power.

The government is introducing a Green Deal next year, enabling households to pay for insulation out of the future savings they achieve from having it installed.

Energy companies will have to provide £1.3 billion a year to ensure everyone is able to benefit from the Green Deal, no matter their income or the type of house they live in.

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