Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Green things in your energy bill

Government says that its energy and climate change policies account for 9% of the average 2013 gas and electricity bill, as of March this year.

The policies include support for renewables like wind power, insulating homes and carbon taxes.

The 9% is £112 out of the average bill estimated then at £1,267.

nPower puts the cost of "policy and regulation" at 15% of the bill, or £185 of £1,247 - rising to 22% or £329 by the end of the decade.

This includes 5% VAT, though: £57 this year.

Ofgem says environmental costs typically comprise about six per cent of an average household gas bill and 11 per cent of an average household electricity bill over the course of an entire year.

The total includes energy-saving, emissions reductions, other climate change policies and social programmes like the Warm Homes Discount.

British Gas says the typical 2012 dual fuel bill of £1,188 had £112 attributable to environmental and social policies, so just over 9%.

Taxes were £72 or 6%.

Here's what British Gas tells its customers: "government obligations and taxes" take 11% of gas bill and 20% of electricity bill.

Again, they add in VAT.

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